Asphalt Fundamentals is a members-only skill development program for youth ages 5-13. Sessions are held every Sunday at Lefferts Playground in Queens, NY. Designed to teach kids the game in a fun environment, ASPHALT FUNDAMENTALS develops foundational skills including shooting, ball handling, footwork, and passing. Lessons in leadership, communication, teamwork, math, and vocabulary are also incorporated into every session.

Lefferts Playground is located on North Conduit Ave. between Lefferts Blvd. and 122nd St.

Weekly Training Sessions

Receive a minimum of 2 hours of instruction per week from top coaches in organized group training sessions. Each player receives individual pre and post player assessments as a way to track their improvement.

Resource Library

Exclusive access to our members-only library of player development videos, tips, drills, and resources, as well as helpful tools for success off the court and in the classroom.


Each member will automatically get tickets to a 2018-19 Brooklyn Nets home game during the regular season. Members also receive special access to exclusive opportunities and discounts on camps, clinics, individual training, and products.



Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Contact us directly! – info@360skillsacademy.org

How long does the program run?

We will be at Lefferts Playground every Sunday from July 1 – October 28, 2018.

How long is each session?

Sessions run from 10am – 2pm.

Is this program open to girls?

Programs are open to girls and boys ages 5-13.

What other programs do you have?

For older youth, check out Prodigy, our sports-based career exploration, and leadership program.

We also partner with schools to offer after-school/summer opportunities.

What if it rains?

Our staff monitors the weather report very closely. In instances of inclement weather, parents/guardians of members will be notified by a member of our team via text and/or email the day before. Notification will also be posted on our social accounts.

Do you offer payment plans or discounts?

Yes. We offer single sessions, as well as an option to place a 50% deposit. Membership can also be purchased in person prior to sessions on Sundays, where monthly payment options are available.

Do you offer individual training sessions?

Yes. Contact us at info@360skillsacademy.org for more information on scheduling individual training sessions.

I am looking for a competitive team for my child.

We partner with quality club/travel programs throughout NYC that echo our mission of developing youth through sports. As an added benefit of membership, we work with families to match Asphalt Fundamentals members with the team/program that best fits their needs.


Tim Gittens

Tim Gittens


HIGHLIGHTS: AKA Headache. Pro, international and streetball experience playing in the USBL, ABA, China, Iran, Puerto Rico, and England, as well as for the Harlem Globetrotters and And1. Served as an assistant coach in the ABA and NWBL, as well as with the Cincinnati State men’s and women’s basketball teams. Has also coached at high school and middle school levels. Helped create streetball mixtape, starred in Street Hoops video game and Doin’ It In The Park film. Extensive experience in coaching, training and mentoring athletes at all levels, including college, the NBA, and WNBA. Founded nonprofit Headache 13 in 2003.

I could have been another statistic, growing up in New York City and faced with crippling hardships. However, I broke the cycle and excelled despite numerous setbacks, using basketball as a vehicle to conquer. My goal is to strengthen communities by providing basketball programs and activities that promote education and excellence. I use my story to empower youth and athletes all over the globe by communicating through word and actions that every individual has a life that is indispensable, their choices significant, and the timeframe for all decisions are valuable. One Life, One Choice, One Time. 

Jess Fairweather

Jess Fairweather


HIGHLIGHTS: Graduated from Queens College 2011, played professionally in Puerto Rico 2014, trained under Jerry Powell one of the top NBA trainers in the world, started coaching summer basketball camps at the age of 18. Founded Weatherproof Player Development in 2015.

I have a passion for pushing people beyond their comfort zones and assisting people to become the best version of themselves. My coaching philosophy is unique and personal- fueled by a passion for helping others succeed and a heart for the game of basketball. I value the relationships I have with all of the athletes I work with and use basketball as a tool to teach others to navigate through life with hard work, discipline, relentless determination, unselfishness, and love. My motto is you have to give it away to keep it. Work hard. Play hard. Do good. The Weatherproof Way!

Darrelle Banks

Darrelle Banks

Player Development Specialist

HIGHLIGHTS: Current graduate student at St. John’s University pursuing a Master of Science in Sport Management. Served as Student-Assistant Coach with the women’s basketball team at Fisk University (2013-15). Founded Team Smile Basketball, a neighborhood basketball initiative in Chicago focused on building fundamental skills and character in youth.

I have a passion for seeing others reach their full potential. I believe that everyone can be where they desire if they simply work for it. My coaching philosophy originates from the notion of seeing others reach beyond their comfort zones, and my motto is “hustle until…” meaning do what it takes to get to your end goal. Basketball is a tool, that if used correctly, can help others succeed beyond the sport itself. My goal is to become a sports agent and a high school basketball coach, as well as produce a basketball academy.