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Beyond the Buzzer

360° Skills Academy partners with schools and organizations to create pathways to excellence for youth in communities of need.

This program taught my son that there is more to basketball than just playing, and more to life than just basketball.

Khalil Crawford

Parent of 360° Skills Academy Participant

We are building a network of leaders equipped with the skills to reach – and exceed – their potential beyond the game.

As Athletes

Our premier sports training programs prioritize fundamental skill development over empty competition.

Our coaches also assist student-athletes in their mental understanding of the game to help youth develop the confidence, instincts, freedom and discipline derived from deliberate practice.

As Citizens

We support our youth by exposing them to the world beyond their neighborhood, while providing them with the hard and soft skills necessary to access that world.

We engage in extensive life skill development including but not limited to financial literacy, time management, decision making and communication.

Student-athletes participate in community engagement projects, as well as cultural, social and educational field trips.

As Students

We don’t just focus on making sure athletes have the grades to play.

We build complete student-athletes by providing access to supplemental and expanded learning opportunities.

We use sports to translate academic concepts to youth in a way they may be more receptive to understanding.

As Professionals

Youth sports is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet the youth driving that growth are only taught how to be athletes.

We empower our student-athletes to explore ways to make the game work for them, while helping them get a head start on the development of their professional network.

In addition, we assist student-athletes in turning their passions and interests into transferable skills.

Development Beyond the Buzzer

Bring 360° Skills Academy to your school or organization.

After School

360° Skills Academy provides a holistic youth development focused alternative to both traditional club teams and out-of-school time sports programs. In addition to elite-level coaching and instruction on par with high quality fee-based programs, student-athletes receive academic support, leadership, civic engagement and cultural education opportunities, as well as an introduction to sports careers beyond simply playing.


360° partners with schools and community-based organizations to combat unequal access to summer learning opportunities. Offering a similar, yet condensed version of our out-of-school time programs, our camps combine sports instruction with sports-based academic enrichment in STEM and literacy for up to 6 weeks.


360° Skills Academy produces competitive, recreational, and educational sports events of varying sizes throughout the year. Events include tournaments and leagues in multiple sports, trips and showcases.

Career Development

We also provide career skill development and access to economic opportunity for untapped talent. We train and certify young adults ages 16-24 in officiating, coaching, statistics and player development. In addition, students learn life and career skills, while comprising a network of hirable coaches, officials, clinicians, and statisticians for other companies, tournaments, leagues, and nonprofits.

Girls Empowerment

Sports participation has been proven to close social and economic gaps for women and girls. Our mentoring program pairs female high school athletes with women who played sports in high school (and beyond) and are now in leadership positions in sports, business and/or STEM. 360° also advocates for increased participation of girls in sports, especially in underserved communities.

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Frederick Douglass


of our students reported an increased interest in entrepreneurship


of our 6th - 8th grade students expressed an increased desire to attend college


of students in our school based programs receive free or reduced lunch


of our alumni have enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college or university since 2008

Get off the bench. Invest in youth.


Interested in mentoring? Sharing your story? Chaperoning a trip? Hosting an office visit? Support 360° by volunteering your time and expertise. Pay it forward by inspiring the next generation of leaders.

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Join Section 360° to support a champion today. From equipment and uniforms, to workshops, college tours and cultural field trips, learn more about how your generous donation will provide a deserving child with access to opportunity.

Play for Kids

Support 360° Skills Academy’s youth programming by participating in our Play for Kids recreational adult tournaments, fantasy camps, leagues and game nights.  100% of profits support 360° Skills Academy programs.

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